Recreation & Nutrition Program Fundraiser

The Recreation & Nutrition Program is a collaborative effort between Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront (BPRW), the Burlington Housing Authority (BHA), Burlington Supportive Housing Initiatives (BSHI), the Boys & Girls Club (B&GC), the Champlain Housing Trust (CHT), the Burlington School Food Project (BSFP), and the Community Sailing Center (CSS). BPRW provides staffing and logistical support to five of the city’s summer meal sites: Franklin Square Housing Development (BHA), Riverside Apartments (BHA), South Meadow Apartments (CHT), Roosevelt Park (with support from the B&GC), and (most added last year) the Andy A_Dog Skate Park (with support from the CSS).
The Recreation & Nutrition Program offers enrichment opportunities in the form of recreational games, offsite field trips, gardening, and nutritional education, while offering free lunches, snack, and dinner from the Burlington School Food Project to any child ages 18 and under.  This program serves thousands of meals and relies on donations and external funding to run every summer. We expect the need to rise this year due to the impact of COVID-19 on our community. It is more vital than ever than children are able to access free, nutritional meals and programming.


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